Camperdown Collision Centre

About Camperdown

Camperdown Collision Center is an established business that offers smash repair services to customers all over Sydney and beyond. We enjoy a convenient location that allows us to pick up damaged cars and deliver them to our clients quite easily. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, provision of free quotes and fast service delivery. We repair and restore all types of vehicles. In addition, to smash repair, we also specialize in car insurance repairs. Camperdown Collision Center prioritizes fast service delivery while ensuring that quality and safety aren't compromised. A professional approach, expert advice when it comes to processing insurance claim, friendly staff, as well as a comfortable waiting area allows us to make the process effortless for our customers. Click here to read more about our facilities and our 7 step repair process 

Our Commitment

At Camperdown Collision Center, we understand and appreciate the inconveniences that come with a damaged car due to an accident. As such, we have put efficient processes in place which serve to ensure that your vehicle is restored to its former condition. This is done in a fast manner while guaranteeing quality so that you get your car looking as good as new. We are a recognized smash repairer throughout Sydney by plenty of insurance brands, thanks to new management which has ensured that services are delivered efficiently.

Camperdown Collision Centre
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